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In addition to saying NO to the Agency’s proposal to eliminate our current sick leave provisions, your bargaining team also rejected all of the Agency’s concessions and expressed our displeasure with what we feel is an unnecessary and unjustified attack on Seasonal members.

An incident occurred recently which le! me feeling sick at heart. I was at an event, there to offer words of encouragement and acknowledgement for people being honoured for their good work and as well to offer words of prayer, a request to Creator for all to go well. Before things got rolling, a man approached me from the audience and said, “Hey chief, how are you doing?” I immediately told him not to call me ‘chief’. I further stated, “I am not a chief, call me ‘chief’ again and you and I are going to have a major problem on our hands.”

Here is the Fall 2017 education schedule. Please note that online registrations will soon be available. Our events page will contain a current list of our upcoming courses.

Thanks for your interest in Union education!