Bargaining Team Tables Proposals to Museums of Civilization and War

Our Team calls for increased protections, leave and other provisions that would bring us in line with other federal employers

On Thursday (May 16th) our Bargaining Team met with the Corporation to commence negotiations for a new collective agreement.  In the meeting our Bargaining Team presented our arguments for improvements that would bring terms and conditions of employment at the Museum of Civilization and the War Museum in line with other federal employers.  Our team tabled proposals on a number of issues, including improved access to family-related leave, vacation and other leave provisions.  We also proposed improved protections against job loss and contracting out.  The improvements that we have tabled in these critical areas reflect what is already in place elsewhere in the federal public sector. 

The corporation also provided us with its proposals.  While we will be seeking clarifications when we meet with them again next week, it’s clear to our Team that management is seeking a number of very serious concessions in this round of bargaining.

More Bargaining Scheduled

We are meeting them again next Thursday.  Be sure to go to: http://psac-ncr.comto  see a copy of our proposals and those of the Corporation.  We’ll be sure to update as things progress.  If you have any questions contact a member of our Bargaining Team.  Our Team consists of Patrice Remillard (Collections), Cathy Mitchell (Exhibitions) and Eric Pallotta (Exhibitions).