Solidarity Against Austerity Rally on Tuesday, May 1st

The PSAC, along with other unions as well as community organizations in the NCR, are  organizing  a Solidarity Against Austerity Rally on Tuesday, May 1st, in opposition to the cuts to public sector jobs and services, contained in the March 29th Federal Budget. The rally will be held on May 1st at noon, in front of the Prime Minister's Office (corner of Elgin & Wellington).

Help us take to the streets in a show of solidarity against the cuts!
Please contact the  PSAC regional Representative of your zone if you require  transportation for your members to attend the rally.
This is the time to stand together against the cuts!

Bus information - 11:30 AM, May 1st, 2012

1) Tunneys Pasture (Jean Tallon building)
2) Billings Bridge (main entrance 2277 Riverside Rd.)
3) Vanier Towers (River rd. and 25 McArthur Rd.)
4) Heron Gate Mall (1670 Heron Rd.) in front of Scotia Bank
5) 750 Heron Rd. (Canada Post Building) meet at back entrance