Parties Spend Day in Talks with Civilization Museums Corporation

Our Bargaining Team takes clear our position on employer concessions

On Thursday (May 23rd) our Bargaining Team met with the Corporation to continue negotiations for a new collective agreement.  In the meeting our Bargaining Team again reiterated that our proposals in such key areas as protections against layoff and leave improvements would bring us in line with what has already been agreed to by other federal employers.

The Corporation has tabled a number of serious concessions in this round of negotiations, including language that would give the employer the prerogative to cut employees’ hours (and therefore employees’ income), a two-tier sick leave accrual system, and proposals that would see employees pay more into the current benefits plan. None of these concessions were included in the recent agreement signed by PIPSC and the Corporation.  None of these concessions were agreed to in recent negotiations with the Museum of Science and Technology, or with Treasury Board.  Our Team made it clear that we have no interest in agreeing to these concessions, as we would lose things that were not lost by others, including to PIPSC members working for the same employer.

The Corporation also rejected our proposals to bring our job security, staffing, leave provisions and work-life balance in line with what’s been agreed to elsewhere.  Proposals that came directly from us, the employees.

We deserve better.

We have several dates set in June.  Be sure to go to: to see a copy of our proposals and those of the Corporation.  We’ll be sure to update as things progress.  If you have any questions contact a member of our Bargaining Team.