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Health and Safety Committee

The overall mandate of the committee is to promote health & safety awareness and activism in this region.

Specific objectives of the committee are:

  • To promote health and safety training;

  • To assess the health & safety needs of locals;

  • To find ways to meet these needs;

  • To encourage networking among locals on health & safety issues;

  • To keep current on new health & safety issues and develop action plans to deal with them;

  • To ensure that the NCR Council is aware of current health & safety issues.

Health and Safety's Terms of Reference

The current Chair of the Health and Safety Committee is Roddie Dafoe (Healthandsafety-NCR@psac-afpc.com).



The committee will meet on the third Wednesday of each month either at the Gatineau Regional office at 200 Promenade du Portage, 2nd level, Room 310 or at the Ottawa Regional office at 233 Gilmour St., Suite 603, Ottawa at 5:30 p.m