OLG Rideau-Carleton Raceway Slots Lockout Enters 3rd Month; workers vow to bring struggle to Queen's Park

16 February 2016

Workers at the Rideau-Carleton Raceway Slots in Ottawa are today entering the third month of being locked out from their workplace. The 124 workers were first locked out by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) on December 16, 2015, after they overwhelmingly refused to accept a contract that would keep their wages frozen for two out of three years, and also force them to give up existing pension language from their current collective agreement.

To mark the beginning of the lockout, workers will be holding a barbecue in front of the Slots on  February 18 to celebrate their collective strength over the last two months.

  • BBQ will be held between 3pm and 5pm on Thursday February 18 at 4837 Albion Rd.
  • Workers and union representatives will be available for interviews.
  • Photo opportunities will be available.

“When OLG locked out these workers back in December, management thought they wouldn’t last more than a couple of weeks,” said Doug Marshall, President of the Union of National Employees, a component union of PSAC. “But the workers stood up for themselves and refused to be pushed around. They weathered the blistering cold and snow, maintained a strong picket line every day of the week, and met with provincial and municipal politicians to put pressure on OLG to end the lockout.”

The beginning of the third month of the lockout also coincides with the return of the Ontario Legislative Assembly from its winter adjournment, and locked-out workers are now determined to bring their situation to Queen’s Park and pressure the Liberal government to end the lockout fairly.

“We will make sure that Premier Kathleen Wynne and Finance Minister Charles Sousa hear from us,” said Larry Rousseau, Regional Executive Vice President of the National Capital Region for the PSAC. “And we will also let them know that our much larger unit at the OLG Woodbine Slots in Toronto will commence bargaining in the coming weeks, and they too will not accept attempts by OLG to take away pension language from their contract—we will stand united!”