Courses at a glance

The union training schedule is a work in progress!

Unlike in person training, where we had defined schedules posted at the beginning of each quarter, online training is gradually developing.

We are currently working to complete the range of online courses, virtual training and webinars. We are adding courses as they become available.

Here are the courses currently available.

E-learning is available right now!

PSAC is thrilled to offer members a new way of accessing our education program. In response to the global pandemic, PSAC suspended in-person courses and we focused instead on building a high-quality, user-friendly online education program that can be accessed from any home computer or mobile device.  

Online education extends the reach of our education program to members whose location or life circumstances make attending in-person sessions difficult. From our PSAC national website, our Online Education Program will offer online self-paced courses available at your convenience. Two courses are currently available: Welcome to Your Union. the PSAC, and Precarious Work - A Union Issue.

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It's free!

Our education program is free of charge. Don’t forget that if you are a PSAC member working with Treasury Board, Parks, CFIA, SSHRC and many other employers, you are entitled to the union leave with pay (or reimbursement) for courses offered during a day of work, and an allowance for courses offered on a day of rest.

Here are the course descriptions.

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