2021 NCR Triennial Convention Delegate Registration Form

Registrations Are Now Closed

Please ensure that you answer all the questions on the registration form to avoid any delay in processing your application.

The delegate registration previously done for the 2020 PSAC-NCR Regional Convention will be confirmed with the submitting bodies. Changes in delegate registration shall be allowed and such changes shall not be considered as late delegates. If a delegate is being replaced by a duly elected alternate, minutes of the meeting where this election took place must be provided by the submitting body. This election shall be conducted per the appropriate local/branch/component by-laws.

Registration deadline is February 19, 2021.

Note: At the 2018 PSAC National Triennial Convention, Section 16 of the PSAC Constitution was amended to define the delegate entitlement to all PSAC Regional Triennial Conventions. This Constitutional definition therefore supersedes the language regarding Regional Convention participation in our PSAC-NCR.

Purpose of Registration
*A union body is a local, a component, NCR committees and NCR area councils.
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If you are completing this form for reasons in option B, please indicate which Delegate you are replacing. Your Credentials Approver below will be including a copy of the minutes of the last union body’s meeting that reflects those changes.
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